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Fusion Body Art's BLACK Smoothie Blenders - 28PK, the ultimate tools for achieving flawless face painting. Meticulously crafted with soft foam securely attached to a durable plastic stick, these washable smoothie blenders are designed to take your face painting experience to new heights.

QTY: 28 Per Pack

Explore the versatility of our smoothie blenders, perfect for powders, creams, and even glitters. Whether you're a face painting enthusiast or a seasoned professional artist, these blenders are indispensable for creating intricate designs with precision.

Ideal for Stencil Work - Elevate your artistry with ease. Fusion Body Art's smoothie blenders are not only perfect for freehand but also excellent when paired with stencils. The soft foam ensures seamless blending, making them a must-have for artists who love incorporating stencils into their creations.

Achieve professional results effortlessly. Fusion Body Art's smoothie blenders are user-friendly, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced face painters.

Fusion Body Art | BLACK Smoothie Blenders - 28PK

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