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Designed By: Elodie Ternois


Elodie's Pastel Delights Palette contains Elodie's favorite pastel colours All from Elodie's Lodie UP Cute Pastel Rainbow palette

How to Apply

Activated with water

Use a petal sponge to sponge on your base

Use a brush to add detail

Remove with water

The combinations are designed to have all the colours you need in one place so no need to wonder “what colour should I outline it in?”


Simply load a Petal sponge with some or all of the colours in this cake by moving the sponge from side to side, and then tapping the colours just where you want them. You can create amazingly colourful designs with just one cake! Take care using just enough water to activate and load your sponge to get a clean impression.


Size: 135 grams / 25g per Petal Cakes / 10g per Split Cakes


✓ Vegan Friendly ✓ Not Tested on Animals ✓ Gluten Free ✓ Perfume Free ✓ Paraben Free

Fusion Body Art | Palette | Elodie's Pastel Delights

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