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Colorful & Fun Designs by Elodie Ternois


Check out this amazing face painting guide to mastering colorful & fun designs, brought to you by the one and only Elodie Ternois!


Elodie is an award-winning face painter and an international instructor from France. She is well-known for her adorable cartoony-type face paintings, full of bright colors and sparkly glitter. Each one of Elodie’s designs is a unique piece of art, which is admired by artists all over the world. Much of her work has been featured in magazines, one of them even on the cover page of the French magazine “Couleurs”. In this “Colorful & fun designs” step-by-step collection, Elodie shares her tips and tricks with you, to help your skill level blossom and bloom.


To top it all off, the world-renowned airbrush artist, Wiser Oner from the USA, has created a set of absolutely amazing stencils, which will add a wow-effect to each of your designs.


Colorful & Fun designs included:

Rainbow & unicorn, fairy, ice queen, pumpkin, spider, dragon, skull, dolphin, reindeer, realistic unicorn



  • 10 Colorful & Fun designs
  • 10 video tutorials
  • 1 clear practice board
  • 3 free stencils 


Printed in Switzerland

Sparkling Faces | The Ultimate Face Painting Guide | Colorful & Fun Designs

HK$420.00 一般價格
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