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Scary Halloween Designs by Matteo Arfanotti


Check out this amazing face painting guide to mastering scary Halloween designs, brought to you by the one and only Matteo Arfanotti!


An internationally renowned body painter, Matteo Arfanotti is a versatile and curious artist; new forms of art and experimentation have always fascinated him. In 2010, after dedicating more than two decades to drawing, painting and installation, he tried his hand in the world of bodypainting. It was the extraordinary ability to give life to his work and his creatures, even if so ephemeral, that captivated him. Only two years later, Matteo won the Italian Bodypainting Championship and in 2013 he took the top step of the podium at the World Bodypainting Festival, becoming both the World Bodypainting Champion and the Facepainting Champion. This was the first time in the history of the event that one artist won two world titles at the same time! Numerous other awards followed in his homeland Italy but also abroad, opening doors to him on five continents. He is indeed one of the most respected teachers in this discipline, particularly appreciated for his three-dimensional effects and the "monstrous faces" with which he creates the illusion of changing characteristics and facial expressions.


In this “Scary Halloween Designs” step-by-step collection, Matteo shares his tips and tricks with you, using world leading face paint brand “Superstar” and the legendary line of “Superstar/ Matteo Arfanotti” brushes.


Halloween designs included:

Pop eye, spider, zombie, scorpion, pumpkin, devil horns, skull, infection, ogre, scary clown



  • 10 Scary Halloween Designs
  • 10 video tutorials
  • 1 clear practice board


Printed in Switzerland

Sparkling Faces | The Ultimate Face Painting Guide | Scary Halloween Designs

HK$420.00 一般價格
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